Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Report 2023 PDF

Sustainability Policy

The Daiwa Securities Group has set forth the Vision 2030 management vision, aiming to achieve the SDGs by creating a mechanism to circulate funds, under the core concept of "From savings to SDGs."

Daiwa Real Estate Asset Management Co. Ltd. (the "Asset Manager"), as a member of this Group, will incorporate ESG considerations into its asset management operations for alternative assets such as real estate. It has formulated the Sustainability Policy and will promote the following initiatives to enhance the medium- to long-term value of the investment corporations and funds for which it is entrusted with asset management.

Initiatives for Environmental Management and Reduction of Environmental Impact

Promoting Resource and Energy Conservation

We will continue to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in order to mitigate climate change and achieve our goal of a decarbonized society with net-zero emissions. In addition, we will strive to strengthen the resilience of managed properties against natural disasters.

Contributing to a Recycling-Oriented Society

We will work to reduce, reuse and recycle water, waste and other elements.

Considering Biodiversity and Working to Conserve Ecosystems

We will strive to manage our business in a way that is mindful of environmental protection, manage tree planting that is considerate of harmony with the surrounding environment and practice green procurement to reduce the environmental impact of society as a whole, including our entire supply chain.

Initiatives for Social Issues

Respecting Human Rights

We will further strengthen our human rights education and awareness efforts to further enhance our corporate culture, which is based on respect for human rights.

Cultivating Human Resources and Creating Rewarding Workplaces

We focus on human resource development, which is the source of our competitiveness, and are enhancing our training programs. In particular, we will strengthen support for professional talent, including assistance programs for acquiring qualifications.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Through a high level of work-life balance facilitating success for diverse human resources, we will pursue harmony between our employees' professional and private lives, and aim to enhance workplace environments so that both men and women can enjoy diverse work styles, while taking into consideration the health and comfort of executives and employees.

Coexistence and Collaboration Throughout the Supply Chain

By building partnerships with our suppliers and business partners, we aim to deepen their understanding of our initiatives for the environment and society, and to target the creation of a sustainable society throughout our supply chain.

Initiatives for Governance

Establishing a Highly Transparent and Objective Corporate Governance Structure

We will maintain strict compliance with laws, regulations and internal rules, as well as ensure rigorous appropriate management of conflicts of interest and enhance our compliance system to increase the value of the investment corporations and funds.

Fair, Timely and Appropriate Disclosure of Material Information

We are committed to disclosing information in a fair, timely and appropriate manner to promote understanding of our company among all stakeholders, including investors, business partners and society at large, and to earn an appropriate assessment and level of trust from these. We will also utilize external evaluations in the interest of transparency and comparability.

Support for TCFD Recommendations

TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) is an international initiative established by the Financial Stability Board (“FSB”) at the request of the G20 for the purpose of discussing the disclosures of climate-related financial information and the responses by financial institutions. TCFD Consortium is a group of companies and financial institutions that support the TCFD recommendations. The consortium was established with a view to further discussion on effective corporate disclosures of climate related information and initiatives to link disclosed information to appropriate investment decisions on the part of financial institutions and other organizations.

The Asset Manager established the "Climate Change and Resilience Policy", in order to promote clarification of the policy and system for addressing climate-related issues and expansion of disclosure of the initiatives, and announced its support for the TCFD recommendations in December 2021. In January 2022, the Asset Manager joined TCFD consortium, a group of domestic companies that support TCFD recommendations.

The Asset Manager recognize that climate change is an important issue that has a significant impact on their operations, both of them will gradually promote information disclosure related to climate change, while identifying and analyzing risks and opportunities of the change based on the TCFD recommendations and continuously working to reduce the environmental impact of their business.

For TCFD, please refer to the website of TCFD
For TCFD Consortium, please refer to the website of TCFD Consortium



Each REIT's Initiatives

Daiwa Office Investment Corporation

Participation in GRESB Real Estate Assessment

Participated in the "GRESB Real Estate Assessment" by GRESB for the first time in 2012 and has since consecutively earned "Green Star" in recognition of high sustainability performance in both aspects of the "Management & Policy" and "Implementation & Measurement" dimensions.

Conclusion of Green Lease Agreement

As part of environmental measures and measures to enhance tenant satisfaction, initiatives have been underway since 2014 to promote installation of LED lighting in the areas exclusively occupied by tenants based on green lease agreements concluded with tenants. We plans to replace to LED lighting at most of the areas exclusively occupied by tenants on going forward.

Benefits of Introducing Green Leasing

Benefits for Tenants
  • Reducing utility bills and maintenance costs
  • Improving working environment in offices
  • Corporate social responsibility
Benefits for Investment Corporation
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Enhancing property value by making energy-saving investments
  • Receiving green lease fees

Daiwa Securities Living Investment Corporation

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability promotion system rules were established in November 2017, designating the President and Representative Director of the asset management company as the "Chief Executive for Promoting Sustainability", in addition to installing a "Chief Sustainability Officer" and "Sustainability Promotion Committee".

Participation in GRESB Real Estate Assessment

Participated in the "GRESB Real Estate Assessment" by GRESB from 2018.